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UMBRA was founded in 1979, the goal was to create modern gifts and all kinds of gifts for home, garden and interior that fit within everyone's budget. Umbra, based in Toronto, Canada, is now a world leader in the design and distribution of original gifts for the interior. Umbra designs contemporary and everyday articles that have a modern look and that please everyone. They are functional, good for daily use, modern and original.

At UMBRA you will find kitchen accessories including the famous BUDDY kitchen roll holder and napkin holder. The BUDDY shower wiper and Buddy's clothes hooks are also a must have for the interior.Would you like to decorate your walls? Then go for the nice inscription "All you need is love, love is all you need". For those who love board games, be sure to meet the beautiful chessboards and chess games of Umbra wobble chess or buddy chess, a gem of chess!

Unique, original and beautiful design can be found at Umbra.
Umbra - Buddy chess set
174.95€ Ex Tax: 174.95€

UmbraUmbra - Chess game buddy chessLet the game begin!This UMBRA buddy chess game is the showpiece in your interior! Chess pieces are made of cast zinc and fit nicely into the wooden box when you are not in play modus. The buddy chess pieces are easily movable.Movement is further assisted by the polished and glossy tiles which allow the pieces to glide. Simply pack away and store Buddy with its strategic hidden compartment, which holds the 32 metal chess pieces. The product’s flat square sh..

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Umbra - Wobble chess set
279.95€ Ex Tax: 279.95€

UmbraUmbra - Chess game wobble chessLet the game begin!This UMBRA wobble chess game is the showpiece in your interior! This chess game looks like a landscape with wobbling chess pieces, a swinging chess game, board game. Do you want to move the chessboard? The chess pieces remain nicely in place despite the wobbling effect, it is impossible that they will fall over!Size - 38 x 38 x 3 cmMaterial - luxury maple and walnut wood and gold plated chromed detailsDifferent models of UMBRA chessboards c..

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